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Roman Porn

The "pink film", or "eroduction" (erotic production) as it was first called,[6] is a cinematic genre without an exact equivalent in the West.[5] Though called pornography, the terms "erotica", "soft porn" and "sexploitation" have been suggested as more appropriate, although none of these precisely matches the pink film genre.[7]

roman porn

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American pornography is kept forever on its elemental level because, showing all, it need do nothing else; Japanese eroductions have to do something else since they cannot show all. The stultified impulse has created some extraordinary works of art, a few films among them. None of these, however, are found among eroductions.[10]

Contrasting the pink film with Western pornographic films, Pia Harritz says, "What really stands out is the ability of pinku eiga to engage the spectator in more than just scenes with close-ups of genitals and finally the complexity in the representation of gender and the human mind."[11]

In 1971 Takashi Itamochi, president of Nikkatsu, Japan's oldest major film studio, decided to stop his own company's involvement with action films and start making sexploitation films.[46] Like Toei, Nikkatsu had made some previous films in the sexploitation market, such as Story of Heresy in Meiji Era (1968) and Tokyo Bathhouse (1968), which featured over 30 sex-film stars in cameo appearances.[47] Nikkatsu launched its Roman Porno series in November 1971 with Apartment Wife: Affair In the Afternoon, starring Kazuko Shirakawa.[48] The film became a huge hit, inspired 20 sequels within seven years, established Shirakawa as Nikkatsu's first "Queen", and successfully launched the high-profile Roman porno series. Director Masaru Konuma says that the process of making Roman Porno was the same as that of making a pink film except for the higher budget.[49] Nikkatsu made these higher-quality pink films almost exclusively, at an average rate of three per month,[50] for the next 17 years.

Nikkatsu gave its Roman porno directors a great deal of artistic freedom in creating their films, as long as they met the official minimum quota of four nude or sex scenes per hour.[51] The result was a series that was popular both with audiences and with critics.[52] One or two Roman Pornos appeared on the top-ten lists of Japanese critics every year throughout the run of the series.[53] Nikkatsu's higher-quality sex films essentially took the pink film market away from the smaller, independent studios until the mid-1980s, when adult videos began to lure away much of the pink film's clientele.[7]

Tatsumi Kumashiro was one of the major directors of the Roman Porno. Kumashiro directed a string of financial and critical hits unprecedented in Japanese cinematic history, including Ichijo's Wet Desire (1972) and Woman with Red Hair (1979), starring Junko Miyashita.[54] He became known as the "King of Nikkatsu Roman porno"[51][55] Noboru Tanaka, director of A Woman Called Sada Abe (1975), is judged by many critics today to have been the best of Nikkatsu's Roman Porno directors.[56][57] The S&M subgenre of the Roman Porno was established in 1974 when the studio hired Naomi Tani to star in Flower and Snake (based on an Oniroku Dan novel), and Wife to be Sacrificed, both directed by Masaru Konuma.[58] Tani's immense popularity established her as Nikkatsu's third Roman Porno Queen, and the first of their S&M Queens.[59]Tani was also directed by the important director Shôgorô Nishimura in titles that became classics, such as Rope Cosmetology (1978).Other subgenres of the pink film developed under the Roman Porno line included "Violent Pink", established in 1976 by director Yasuharu Hasebe.[60]

The dominant directors of pink films of the 1980s, Genji Nakamura, Banmei Takahashi and Mamoru Watanabe are known collectively as "The Three Pillars Of Pink".[64] All three were veterans of the pink film industry since the 1960s. Coming to prominence in the 1980s, a time when the theatrical porn film was facing considerable difficulties on several fronts, this group is known for elevating the pink film above its low origins by concentrating on technical finesse and narrative content. Some critics dubbed the style of their films "pink art".[54]

Yes porn stars should take accountability but the problem with posting this at this time is that this man has lost his life. Now needs to be a time of condolence, reflection and support. Not anger and insensitivity.

Interestingly enough, I follow a few Gay porn models on Twitter, and it is through several of their posts that I do not think of them as objects, although I shall not deny that I find so many of them utterly yummy, but I also find that I like them as people, too. In any event, it is a shame Roman Heart died.

My heart is sad, very sad. Roman Hart was one of the most beautiful men who had everything and lost everything. His death so early hurts in my soul, as has happened to many of the porn stars who have filled our lives with magic, illusion and beautiful moments. I hug his family and friends and raise a prayer for him. Rest in peace, divine angel, dear Roman Hart.

On Oct. 14, 2010, Pinkston presented a delivery notice at the Warrensburg Post Office to pick up the package. When he drove away from the post office with the encrypted DVD containing a child pornography video, he was stopped by police officers and arrested. 041b061a72

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