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Filemaker Pro License Key

The License Certificate tracks the number of user licenses on file, as well as how many users are connected to the FileMaker Server. An error message will appear if more installations than purchased are trying to connect. (If you receive this message frequently, contact Shawn to add more licenses to your contract.)

Filemaker Pro License Key

When you license the Claris platform, you must create a Claris ID account or use your existing one. The first time you start Claris Pro, you sign in with your Claris ID account name and password. If your account is valid, Claris Pro starts and you can use it according to the license agreement. Periodically, when you start Claris Pro, you will be asked to sign in again, so keep your account name and password at hand.

If you purchased a site or volume license for FileMaker software as a download from the Claris Store website, you received an email with a link to your Electronic Software Download page. Your license certificate file is available from that page.

License key: If you purchased FileMaker Pro as a single license for download from the Claris Store website, your unique, 35-character license key is available on your Electronic Software Download page. If you purchased a boxed version of FileMaker Pro, your license key is in the box.

You must have a valid license certificate file or license key to install the software. Otherwise, you can install the software only as a trial. Don't lose your license certificate file or license key; keep it in a safe place in case you need to reinstall the software.

Note that license keys for FileMaker Pro Advanced at MIT are limited and are assigned to individual users. You may not transfer your license key to another user directly. Instead, send an email to to release your license key. Once you leave MIT your FileMaker Pro Advanced License key will be reclaimed by IS&T for use by someone else.

Before I launch into an explanation of these methods I want to point out that most of these require you to save your FileMaker license information where the installer can find it, which means that it is also available to any user who can access the installer. Take appropriate precautions to make sure your license information cannot be easily stolen.

Tested to support up to 250 FileMaker Pro clients and 100 FileMaker Go, FileMaker WebDirect, or FileMaker Data API clients (limits may be also be imposed by instance type, app design, active users, or license agreement).

I've manage to follow -nation/discussions/28127/managed-installation-of-filemaker-pro-16 but when I push it to a new machine it install as a trial version. The assistant text file has been edited with our volume license key and company name.

This license is funded by the UmichITAM software-sharing consortium. Contact for information about joining UmichITAM.ITS Software Services also coordinates a maintenance renewal every 3 years for university units separate from UmichITAM. The next renewal is scheduled for June 2023. Units with existing maintenance agreements previously renewed through Software Services will be notified and given the opportunity to renew. These units with active maintenance also have access to FileMaker Server at no cost and can request a server license key from Software Services.Those who do not buy maintenance through Software Services can work with Software Services to co-term their maintenance agreements and join the large renewal that occurs every 3 years. You are able to choose the amount of licenses you need. New license purchases are referred to CDW-G, the strategic supplier in M-Marketsite for FileMaker products.

Individuals at U-M are ultimately responsible for any infringing software on their computers or devices or for violating the terms and conditions of software licenses. Individuals are responsible for reviewing the SPG on Software Procurement and Licensing Compliance.

  • Actual Technologies products use license keys that are available in two editions:Desktop Edition: for desktop applications such as MS Excel and FileMaker Pro

  • Server Edition: for FileMaker Server and Apache web applications

You will need one license key for each "seat" (computer) where the driver is installed. We can give you a single key for all your licensed computers if you purchase 20 or more seats. We also have site license available, to cover an unlimited number of computers. Contact us at orders@actualtech.comif you are interested in a single key or a site license.

When using External SQL Sources, the FileMaker application hosting the database makes all ODBCconnections on behalf of the clients. Since the driver is only installed on the Mac hosting the FileMaker database, you only need a single "seat" license for the driver.

If you develop your application in such a way that it keeps connections open only while accessingthe database, you can serve many more than 10 users with a 10 connection license. As a general rule,we recommend that you open the connection at the start of processing a web page, and close the connectionwhen processing for the page is complete. This means that a connection is available to be used byanother user while the current user is reading the page content and deciding what to do next.

Hi, I have fm 14 server running on a mac mini. I have recently upgraded to FM16 running Mojave on 2 x local macs. We started with one license, where only one of us could use FM at a time (as we knew), I have since bought another copy and and reinstalled FM16 on the local mac with the new serial number but the server still seems to think we are using the same copy?? and we are getting the attached error. I have completely uninstalled FM locally but still does not work. I have asked my FM guy, as well as 2 or 3 other people but everyone seems to be stumped?? Is there any way of clearer the cache which may be holding this old information? Any help would be much appreciated.

Along with FileMaker User Licensing, Concurrent Connection Licensing and Site Licensing continue to be available and have been updated. The new license program brings simplicity, the biggest being that FileMaker Pro has been replaced with FileMaker Pro Advanced for all users. For those who currently have a FileMaker License contract, you will automatically update to the new licensing programs and will be receiving the new FileMaker User Licensing download links, license keys, and new FileMaker License Certificate for FileMaker Server installations via email.

A user is a unique person who will access the FileMaker Platform. They can use or create FileMaker apps on an iPad, iPhone, Mac, Windows, or the Web. With user licensing, FileMaker is moving away from only offering 5 user packs and you can increment 1 user license after starting at 5 users. If you currently have a FileMaker license, you will automatically transition to the new licensing program.

FileMaker Licensing for Teams (FLT) and FileMaker Volume Licensing (VLA) customers will be transitioned to the new FileMaker User Licensing when your license keys are sent via email. With FileMaker User Licensing you get 3 servers with it as well.

With your license for FileMaker 17, you will only get 1 license key for all the product installations and it will not change for each release. If you have multiple contracts you will receive a key for each contract, but we will work with you to merge the contracts into 1 as your contract comes up for renewal 90 days out.

You will need to download and install the FileMaker License Certificate for each FileMaker Server when installing or changing the number of users licensed vs entering in a new license key as in the past. So remember to also download the FileMaker License Certificate which is an encrypted form of the Customer FileMaker License Agreement from the Electronic Software Download (ESD) page when preparing to install FileMaker Server.

For those of you that have FileMaker Pros and a FileMaker Server with 10 concurrent connections, you will get 2 license keys, one for FileMaker Concurrent Licensing and one for FileMaker User Licensing. The user licensing can be used on the concurrent connections server without taking away any connections. This will allow you to just use 1 server instead of setting up multiple servers. With Concurrent Connections Users, you cannot have these users use the FileMaker User License server unless you buy a user license for each of these users.

Site licensing is very similar to how it was before, defined by the total headcount (full-time employees, part-time, and contractors in your organization), not just by who uses FileMaker, and starts at 25 seats. One thing to take into consideration is that the EULA states that you must maintain compliance with your headcount number. If the headcount in your organization exceeds the site license count by 10% or more at anytime during the term of your contract, you must add new seats immediately. You also get as many FileMaker Servers as the total headcount including FileMaker Cloud. That's alot of servers and a technical change in the EULA which used to say unlimited FileMaker Servers.

The FileMaker Data API is the default way to build custom websites that push or pull data from FileMaker Server and is different then FileMaker WebDirect. With the FileMaker Data API, you are allowed an unlimited data transfer amount of inbound API calls (calling other websites from FileMaker Server). For Outbound API Calls (calling the FileMaker Server from other applications) you have a shared annual data transfer limit. It is calculated by multiplying the number of users licensed, or concurrencies, X 2GB per month X 12 months to get the Shared annual data transfer amount allowed. So each user will give you 24GB of data that is shared. That's quite a bit of data. If you are wanting to add more data, contact us or your FileMaker Sales rep directly for a quote.


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