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Skyrim Sexlab Defeat Mod Gameplay

I use naked defeat for player victim, and baka's sexlab defeat for player aggressor. From what I understand, both of those mods are pretty buggy when it comes to just npc vs npc defeat. The original defeat for SE, I'm not really sure, but I can only assume it's the same case for it. Npc vs Npc is just generally buggy and not recommended at all.

skyrim sexlab defeat mod gameplay


---> Submissive Lola MCM -> Do not use ZazSlaveControl has to be OFF for both mods to be compatible (otherwise it can lead to double enslavement with SD+ and other mods)- when you use bathing in skyrim, naked defeat will now register that and remove blood splatters(decals)

Umm why does this require naked dungeon? I am looking to replace an "ancient" mod that locked in furniture under defeat but it had no requirements and this does the same but better according to the description, except it needs another mod that only works in some dungeons and changes gameplay


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