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Bulk Buy Scented Candles

Our new unlabeled 3 wick candles come in a beautiful clear glass jar with silver hammered lid. Each candle is 14oz with a pure white soy blend wax with three wicks for a fast melt, nice wax pool and great throw that is perfect for mid to large size rooms. We currently have 30 amazing scents to choose from. Reusable & recyclable, all of our scents have a clean burn for up to 45 hours. We use lead-free cotton wicks and each candle is highly fragrant to make sure they are comparable to large well-known brands at a fraction of the price. Highly fragrant, the scent will last the life of the candle.

bulk buy scented candles

These candles do have bottom label with the fragrance type but don't include any reference to Bulk Apothecary so that you can private label them under your brand without your customers ever knowing that you didn't make them yourself. Plus, all of our candles are crafted right here in the USA to ensure quality and consistency in every jar.

Need a custom label? - We can print it for you and we make it quick and simple. Simply click here for a custom quote. We can also offer turnkey private label services on this item on runs as little as 1,000 units by simply emailing or calling our home office and asking for a custom quote.

Candles have been a part of decoration for a very long time. Candles can not only add a beautiful glow to a room, but they can also alter the fragrance of the room. Candles are very popular in homes, spas and resorts, churches and other places of worship across the world. Wholesale candles are also very popular at restaurants, especially during Valentine's.

According to the European Centre for the Promotion of Imports from developing countries, the value imports of candles into Europe averaged 1.5 billion dollars from 2015 to 2019. This report shows that there is a high demand for candles and it might be a good idea to start stocking your stores with candle jars wholesale. The price of wholesale candle supplies ranges from $0.08 and can reach up to $3. Stocking products in different price points might increase the buying options of your customers.

Candles come in different types. There are basic candles that are mainly focused on lighting up. There are decorative candles that come in different shapes and configurations. They can range from square candles to wide, short cylindrical candles. Some decorative candles come in a glass jar. They are also white pillar candles bulk whose wax is strong enough to burn on its own, unlike glass jar candles.

Candles can also be grouped according to the type of wax used in making them. The types of candle wax include paraffin wax, palm wax, beeswax, granulated was, and gel candle wax. Scented candles are usually made from Beeswax. However, they are pillar candles bulk that include special additives. Beeswax bulk candles are preferred as a natural and environmentally friendly option.

Buy tealight candles bulk and white candles bulk from Get bulk scented candles and votive candle holders bulk supply from manufacturers on

Never leave a burning candle unattended. Avoid burning candles near combustible materials. Always store candles in a cool, dark, dry place. They should be stored flat to prevent warping. Do not place candles in drafts to prevent rapid and uneven burning and excessive dripping. Always keep wicks trimmed to one-half inch. Long or crooked wicks cause uneven burning and dripping. Candles will fade if left in the light for an extended period. Never put candles in a window or directly expose to bright outdoor light or indoor spotlights. Candles should always be burned in proper candle-holders or bases and should be a minimum of two and a half inches apart from each when burning outside a holder. Extinguish candles with a candle snuffer. If a wick becomes too short to light, carve away enough wax to expose the fresh wick, then trim 1/4" off the top of the candle and burn the candle to reform its appearance (tapers are the exception to this rule).

Each candle tin is comprised of 100% premium grade soy wax with a burn time of up to 32 hours! Each candle is created with cotton wick, guaranteed to ensure a clean burning candle. Wax can be dyed any way you'd like; however, if no specific wax colors are requested, candles will be dyed according to their corresponding scent.

I have been getting the bluebonnet candles for couple of years. I always keep a few for myself but they make great gifts. Locally made from Texas and the support to the human trafficking I have introduced. so many of my out of state friends to the wonderful Caylan candles and the fabulous smell of Texas bluebonnets

I ordered 15+ candles in my last order - one of each for almost all scents that come in the matte black vessel. I love these. Love rotating different scents in different rooms. The lemon sage smells like a freshly cleaned kitchen and is burning prominently in my kitchen. It throws a big enough scent that it fills my large kitchen without being overwhelming. Love this company and glad I took a chance at WholeFoods on a random candle that became my new go-to brand.

Thank you, Kim, for the fantastic review! Happy to hear that the replacement candle came safely! We always want your experience with Calyan to be a 5-star one and if there is any candle breakage we want to make it right. Thanks for choosing to give our candles as gifts. We're honored that you would choose us. And thanks for giving back with your purchase and bringing hope with us!Enjoy!-Stephen

Our most popular scent- the refreshing Green Clover and Aloe scent from the deluxe resort lobbies at WDW. Choose between Floridian Lobby and Beach Club lobby labeling for this fabulous scent. Choose one candle or stock up with 6 or 12 at special bulk pricing. Bulk pricing is only for all candles in a single scent, we can not offer bulk pricing for mixed scents. Single candles ship in 2-4 business days, bulk candles may take up to 8 days for shipping.

This 6oz candle tin will burn for 20+ hours. Please see all warnings below for safety and the longest life of your candle. For an even stronger scent- check out my Disney inspired wax melts.Candle tin measures approx 3" wide by 2" tall. 6oz tin holds 3.5 OZ by weight of scented wax. Check out our Wax Melt and Candle section to see all our WDW inspired scents.These Disney candles are a great way to relieve your last WDW vacation or prepare for your next one! About My Candles- I use a custom blend of paraffin and soy waxes that can hold the maximum amount of fragrance oil without creating a lot of soot. Finding made in the USA sources is very important to me, the soy wax I use is made from grown in the USA soy beans and the paraffin wax is from a US manufacturer. Warnings:Never leave burning candles unattended. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Keep wick trimmed to 1/4 inch. Never burn longer than 4 hours at a time. Keep away from flammable items. Contact us with any questions

Our wholesale candles, home fragrances, and bath & body lines are high quality, beautifully packaged, well-priced gifts sold in over 250 fashion boutiques, home & gift shops, museum stores and specialty retailers. We offer a variety of business-to-business solutions for wholesale buying in bulk.

For larger runs, we source or create branded containers, gift packaging and develop fragrances. We will ship in bulk to your warehouse. Scroll down for more information and use the form at the right to contact our team.

Citronella Scented Pillar Candle is a perfect solution to repel mosquitoes and create a soothing ambiance in your home. Simple and practical, these candles have a variety of purposes, which makes them a preferred choice among many. Keep them in any corner of your home or in the outdoors to create a tranquil ambiance. The Zest Candle Citronella Pillar Candle is made of 100% hand-poured paraffin wax, which allows it to burn effectively for a very long time. Available in various colors, it has a citronella essence, which helps keep mosquitoes and insects at bay. It is also available in a range of sizes and sets, which can be chosen according to your need. Light them as standalone pieces on a tabletop, or place them on candle holders to enhance the decor. Since the citronella essence of these candles keeps away mosquitoes, you can also carry them for outdoor camps or light them during nighttime alfresco events. The Citronella Pillar Candle from Zest is smokeless and efficiently protects your home from being engulfed in harmful fumes. Its drip-less feature ensures clean burning and spotless surroundings. 041b061a72

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