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Crack Area 51 Pc Controls

with the same powerful cpu, ram, and storage as its windows-only brother the area-51 gaming laptop, we took the windows edition of the area-51m to the task of running all of our benchmark tests -- except for the new and improved hevc test, which requires a version of the windows hevc codec . that test would require installing the windows-only windows 10 feature, windows 10 fall creators update, which is only available to windows 10 pro and enterprise edition users.

crack area 51 pc controls

the amazing performance of the area-51m is most evident with games, where it can easily keep up with our current favorites. when we first put the area-51m through the tests, we were surprised by the machine's strength and resolution support, and it can comfortably handle most of the most graphically demanding titles out there. on average, in both the 3dmark and pcmark tests, we reached the highest graphics settings, regardless of the test. though there is a palpable tradeoff to making resolution and graphics settings high, the area-51m usually finishes the test in minutes instead of hours. for the first time, we really don't have to downgrade graphics settings for a gaming laptop. the area-51m just completely obliterates the competition.

since last year, pcmag has been increasingly recognizing new laptops with more than powerful graphics using a new, more sophisticated benchmark, called vrmark. vrmark measures the maximum 3d graphics performance of a laptop under the conditions of an immersive virtual reality headset. unlike the demanding and cpu-intensive tests that other reviewers may use to compare gaming laptops, vrmark uses much lower graphics settings. we've been seeing the results of a major refresh of vrmark, but last year the area-51m did not score as well as the competition, which explains why our scores on vrmark last year were typically lower than they should have been. now, the area-51m is on a completely different level. our final score of 5015.4 is the highest we've ever seen. that's eight points higher than the next-best score -- the acer predator x34 's 4921.9.

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