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Devil May Cry 5-CODEX

Superhuman Physical Characteristics (It is stated that there is no modern weapon in existence that can kill a demon), Martial Arts (Dante knows various different fighting styles, and is skilled in hand-to-hand combat. Royal Guard is described as Demon martial arts), Vehicular Mastery (Land Vehicles; Can ride a motorcycle with extreme skill), Human Achievements (Can play the electric guitar), Acrobatics (Trickster allows for several types of evasive moves and stunts. Can perform wall jumps and rolls. Has insane acrobatic skill allowing for him to perform nearly-impossible tricks with ease), Weapon Mastery (Dante is proficient with weapons ranging from swords, to firearms, and many others. Is noted to have incredible sword techniques), Regeneration (Mid; Can instantly recover from being fatally stabbed numerous times, and being shot directly through the head), Teleportation (Air Trick allows for brief teleportation), Absorption & Healing (Royal Guard allows for Dante to recover health from absorbing attacks), Perception Manipulation (Quicksilver has Dante make it appear as though everything around him has slowed down tremendously), Duplication & Afterimage Creation (Doppelganger has Dante create a perfect duplication of himself known as an afterimage), Damage Boost (Melee attacks can be charged to become more powerful), Damage Reduction (Weapons of the Human World deal less damage to those of demonic blood), Immersion (Can enter mirrors), Darkness Manipulation (Air Hike allows for Dante to create a platform under his feet through dark power), Awakening (Having the Rebellion pierce him awakened a devil inside of him, his Devil Trigger state)

Devil May Cry 5-CODEX

Devil May Cry 5 - Sporting a short haircut, the hero from devil may cry 4 nero, returns with a companion by his side as demons invade the world once more. Moment whereas base, mid and prime versions tell the stories of an icons career, this version focuses on a truly memorable, historic performance in an icons career that elevated them to one of the all time greats. You may hear a cliche, but the truth is that from ubisoft you know exactly what to expect. After the official announcement, which took place earlier this month, many users are waiting for a new, more.


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