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How to Update Bootcamp Drivers for Windows 10

The title of this thread says it all. I started the VM using macOS Mojave and Windows 10, respectively, and quickly went through the main setup procedure of the tutorial. However, I cannot get to the drive selection part (Advanced options>General options). Every time, the VM restarts with macOS Mojave, not Windows 10. At this point, I don't care about installing Windows 10, nor do I care about getting to the normal boot camp options. I just want to finish the tutorial without any more problems. I've tried to "restart" and "reinstall" the tutorial to no avail.

bootcamp 6 windows 10 drivers download


im trying to download windows 10 home today from the site. i am looking at link where i have to download the image file the other tutorials say to download the ISO file off of the site which is not working. i keep getting a popup saying system cannot open the file when i use the ISO file. i have been searching through forums and i cannot find a solution. i have looked through all of the links in the forum and i do not think any of them are the same issue i am having. I am using google chrome. so is this a known issue, or am i missing something.

In the readme, the first step is to download the windows 10 iso file, which I got the link, but when I tried to download it, it kept telling me that it is incompatible with my operating system. Here is the screenshot. Please help.

I am trying to find my name for my SSD. It was named the first time I formatted the drive for install, after which it was reformatted and the names changed to the new name and the icon. I read online that Windows would not format and have a name for it until installed, so the name changed when the install completed.


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