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Tomb Raider Anthology (1996-2013) Game Download Fixed

the italian development company d3 publisher has acquired the tomb raider license from square enix, and a new tomb raider game is in development. the new game will use the glacier2 engine, and it will be published by square enix in europe, and by eidos interactive in north america. there will be no direct sequel to tomb raider 4. as a result, there will be a tomb raider reboot, and it will be a direct sequel to the classic tomb raider games. a "tomb raider" game will also be released by eidos for the playstation 2 and for the playstation portable (psp).

Tomb Raider Anthology (1996-2013) Game Download

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the new tomb raider game will be developed by crystal dynamics, the development team behind the critically acclaimed first-person shooter, enemy territory: quake wars. the team is led by long-time tomb raider producer, ron rosenberg, with writer rhianna pratchett, and game designer, carl burch. crystal dynamics is known for creating the bioshock franchise, the doom series, and the x-men series.

the new tomb raider game will use an updated version of the glacier2 engine, which was used in the gears of war series. the glacier2 engine has been upgraded with several new features, including advanced lighting technology, physically based shading, and hd models.

in 2006, crystal dynamics released a new tomb raider game, tomb raider: legend. the game was released for the xbox 360 and pc, and was also ported to the playstation 3 and wii. like the previous games, legend used the same engine, but the game looked very different.

even though the game looked beautiful, the gameplay remained very similar to the earlier games. legend also introduced a new mechanic to the franchise, a fast-paced combat system that was inspired by the game heavenly sword. a new engine was also developed for the game, and it looked really nice, even though it looked like a tech demo.


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