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Hudson Hawk

Oxen and donkeys appear in several scenes. A hawk in flight is seen primarily as atmosphere. In one getaway scene, Hudson Hawk has a chicken on his shoulder after supposedly falling into a chicken truck. This scene was filmed in cuts and, other than the chicken on the shoulder, no actual contact with the chickens is seen. The villainess of the film is Minerva, who has a pet dog which is her companion throughout the film. Most of the action involving the dog is mild, however in the climax of the film, Minerva orders the small dog to attack Hawk. Hawk throws a missile at the dog who soars out the window with the missile, and supposedly plummets to its death hundreds of feet below. This scene was filmed in cuts and it's obvious that the dog that goes out the window is a stuffed fake, which was confirmed by the production company.

Hudson Hawk


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