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What You Need to Know About Cry Havoc Volume 1: Mything in Action

# Cry Havoc Volume 1: Mything in Action - A Review ## Introduction - What is Cry Havoc and who are the creators? - What is the premise and the genre of the comic? - What are the main themes and topics explored in the story? ## The Plot - How does the comic interweave three stages of Lou's life: London, Afghanistan, and the Red Place? - What are the main events and conflicts that happen in each stage? - How do the different stages relate to each other and reveal Lou's character development? ## The Art - How does the comic use different colorists for each stage and what effect does it have on the mood and tone of the story? - How does the comic use different styles and techniques for each stage and what effect does it have on the realism and fantasy of the story? - How does the comic use panel layouts, transitions, and lettering to create a dynamic and engaging visual narrative? ## The Characters - Who are the main characters in each stage and what are their roles and motivations? - How do the characters interact with each other and with Lou? - How do the characters represent different aspects of Lou's identity and personality? ## The Themes - What are some of the themes and messages that the comic conveys through its plot, art, and characters? - How does the comic explore topics such as war, trauma, identity, sexuality, mythology, and folklore? - How does the comic challenge or subvert expectations and stereotypes about these topics? ## The Conclusion - What are some of the strengths and weaknesses of the comic? - What are some of the questions and mysteries that are left unresolved or open-ended by the end of the volume? - Who would enjoy reading this comic and why? ## FAQs - Q: Is Cry Havoc a standalone volume or part of a series? - A: Cry Havoc is intended to be a four-volume series, but only one volume has been published so far. - Q: What are some of the influences and inspirations for Cry Havoc? - A: According to the creators, some of their influences include Alan Moore, Neil Gaiman, Grant Morrison, Warren Ellis, Garth Ennis, Mike Mignola, Hellboy, Sandman, Saga, Fables, American Gods, The Wicked + The Divine, B.P.R.D., Black Science, Monstress, Saga of Tanya The Evil. - Q: What are some of the references and allusions that can be found in Cry Havoc? - A: The comic contains references and allusions to various myths, legends, folktales, cultures, religions, history, literature, music, movies, games, comics, and pop culture. Some examples are: Shakespeare's Julius Caesar (the title Cry Havoc comes from a line in this play), Greek mythology (the Minotaur), Norse mythology (the Fenrir), Celtic mythology (the Cwn Annwn), Hindu mythology (the Rakshasa), Japanese mythology (the Kitsune), Native American mythology (the Skinwalker), Egyptian mythology (the Anubis), Islamic mythology (the Djinn), Christian mythology (the Nephilim), Jewish mythology (the Golem), African mythology (the Werehyena), Chinese mythology (the Jiangshi), Russian folklore (the Baba Yaga), British folklore (the Black Dog), Irish folklore (the Banshee), French folklore (the Loup-Garou), German folklore (the Krampus), Romanian folklore (the Strigoi), Slavic folklore (the Vodyanoy), Mexican folklore (the Chupacabra), Brazilian folklore (the Saci), Australian folklore (the Bunyip), Lovecraftian horror (the Elder Things), Frankenstein's monster, Dracula's brides, Alice in Wonderland, The Wizard of Oz, Star Wars, Jurassic Park. - Q: How can I get a copy of Cry Havoc Volume 1: Mything in Action? - A: You can order a paperback copy from Amazon or other online retailers. You can also buy a digital copy from Comixology or other platforms. - Q: When will Cry Havoc Volume 2 be released? - A: There is no official release date for Cry Havoc Volume 2 yet. The creators have stated that they are working on it but they have faced some delays due to personal and professional reasons. They have also hinted that they might release some short stories or spin-offs in the meantime.

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