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Street Fighter X Tekken Pc Patch 1.08 Character Unlock

Version 1.08 of the game is labeled Street Fighter x Tekken ver. 2013. Like Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition ver. 2012, SFxTv2013 is a comprehensive balance patch in which every character on the roster (except Kuro) receives a variety of changes. Common changes among the cast include the reduction of blockstun/pushback on Boost Combos and Shoryuken-like moves, an increase in meter gained by hitting opponents with special moves, a reduction (oftentimes, outright removal) of meter gain when special techniques miss the opponent, and, for Tekken characters, the addition of viable anti-airs.

Street Fighter X Tekken Pc Patch 1.08 Character Unlock

Download File:

the game is updated to version 1.08. included DLC: Additional 12 Characters Pack, Street Fighter Swap Costume Complete Pack, Tekken Swap Costume Complete Pack.Console Content Patch is included as an option during setup. It unlocks the following exclusive PS3 characters: Cole, Kuro, Mega Man, Pac-Man, Toro.


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