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Caesar is then seen, still making the video Den Den Mushi broadcast to the brokers, telling his subordinates to set up a giant piece of candy for Smiley to eat. Caesar told the brokers on the broadcast about the poisonous gas that appeared four years ago after his experiment. He then said he has made a new weapon out of it, and calls it "Shinokuni". When Smiley finally made it to the food, Caesar is overjoyed on Smiley's arrival, and says he has so much to tell him. When Caesar ordered Smiley to wait, Smiley ignored him and quickly ate the bait.[27] Regardless, Caesar is pleased that Smiley is showing some reaction to the candy. Smiley then transformed into a giant cloud of poison. Caesar watched in glee as his fleeing subordinates succumb to the effects of the gas and explains to his captives the power of his weapon of mass destruction. When he saw Zoro's group keeping themselves away from the gas, Caesar commented that they are tough but will eventually get caught.[25]

Watch One Piece (Dub) Episode 858 for free on g...

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Later on, he (being treated as a dog) and Breed were watching Law and Luffy's fight against each other, but Law managed to set Caesar free thanks to Luffy's punches.[81] The scientist ran all the way through Breed's ship until he finds the Shark Submerge III, but before he could get away, both Law and Luffy were teleported to his location and got Caesar back in their hands. After Breed's defeat, Caesar was taken back to the Thousand Sunny and the News Coo finally brought the journal mentioning Doflamingo's resignation from the Seven Warlords of the Sea.[82]

At some point, Caesar returned to Whole Cake Island. He watched as Vinsmoke Reiju and Ichiji broke into a laboratory to free their siblings.[112] When Katakuri and Oven attacked the Vinsmokes, Caesar unleashed a poison gas that caused Katakuri and Oven to hallucinate and fight each other. Using the cloud as cover, Caesar begged for the Vinsmoke siblings' help in escaping.[113] Caesar and the Vinsmokes successfully escaped the castle[114] and reached the St. Germain.[16]

Three pieces of theme music are used for this season. The opening themes are "We Can" (ウィーキャン!, Wī Kyan!) by Kishidan and Hiroshi Kitadani for episodes 783 to 806, "Hope" by Namie Amuro for episodes 807 to 855, and "Super Powers" by V6 for episodes 856 to 891. 041b061a72

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