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Beat Spot 75K PDF Book

The amount of knowledge is really in-depth and spread out to several topics.The book is covered with hyperlinks that allow jumping from a chapter to another with ease. The user experience is delighted by a design that is unmatched.

Beat Spot 75K PDF Book

One cautionary note about pricing your ebook super-low: It makes it hard for you to offer special deals. And you want to offer those. Putting your ebook on a limited-time sale is a proven way to generate a flurry of sales.

Let's be honest -- not every part of running a freelancing business is fun. There are some tedious, headache-inducing tasks that come with running a business that are simply bookkeeping. Keeping track of all business-related income and...

Thankfully, Etihad Guest has kept American's pre-2016 award chart. This means awards are predictably priced and cheaper than booking directly with AAdvantage and other Oneworld programs like Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan and Britsh Airways Avios.

Keep in mind, however, that this isn't a hard and fast range. It differs from book to book and organization to organization. According to NaNoWriMo, manuscripts must be over 50k words to qualify. The Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, on the other hand, classifies submissions for its famous Nebula Awards series into four categories:

That said, if your book is around 40,000 words, you're in good company. C.S. Lewis' The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, Roald Dahl's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and George Orwell's Animal Farm all came in under the 40,000 mark (38,421 words, 30,644 words, and 29,966 words, respectively).

Romance novels tend to be shorter, lying between 80,000 and 100,000 words. However, since romance has many sub-genres, this figure may vary. (For instance, regency romances and paranormal romances must be above 40,000 words). We recommend researching the niche and checking specific imprints before you start writing your romance book.

Middle-grade novels are generally 20,000 to 55,000 words. Chapter books will come in at the lower end of the spectrum, while middle-grade books meant for older readers may even slightly exceed 55,000 words. For more information on word counts for children's book, check out this post.

The maximum?? That's the exception to what gets published today in commercial fiction. A 65,000 word book is somewhere between 200-300 pages. I can't think of a novel I've bought recently that was that short -- The Nix, The Son, The Nest... only Woman No. 17 is that short and it's basically all dialogue.

As stated at the very very end of the article. The importance is the telling (showing) a good story. If it takes 20,000 words or 200,000 words to convey, then that's what it is. I also wonder if today there is a need to adjust these so called "standards" as I think readers are more inclined to shorter books especially of lesser known's.

My personal preference for crime fiction is towards the shorter end - around 60,000 is often a sweet spot but it is completely dependent on the story. The word counts being described here are still being driven by the traditional publishing industry that likes book spines of a certain thickness. Readers have, to some extent, been conditioned to think of this as being the 'right' length but I don't think it stands up to scrutiny.Crime fiction is my interest and I've read so many books of 75,000-100,000 that are far too long with meandering uninspiring sub-plots. Many authors would be happy to cut these extraneous scenes but they are obliged to submit manuscripts of a certain length.Thanks for the post - it is useful to have guides and discuss this but that last para should be writ large. Indie published authors need to make story their number one priority.

Maybe it's because I'm an avid fantasy reader as well as a writer of fantasy fiction, but I LOVE big, fat epic length books. I love spending a long time in a world, really getting to know the characters. The same translates into my preference for TV series over films. I hardly ever watch movies. They seem unsatisfyingly short to me (although there are, of course, plenty of great movies out there). My first novel currently sits at 163K and will probably push 200K by the time it's finished. And it's only the first book in a series. At the moment, I don't see how I could really make it shorter without compromising the story arc, and neither do I want to. My modes have always been the likes of Tolkien, Robert Jordan or George Martin. But yes, it does worry me that no agent or publisher will want it because it's so hefty for a debut author :-/

Glad to hear that someone else shares my love of big books. We'll just have to convince those publishers that big really is better ;-p Good luck with your novel, I hope it succeeds. I agree that stories all have their natural length, and epic is called epic for a reason!

Just self-published my first novel on Amazon -- 164,000 words. It's a contemporary fantasy. I had several reasons for taking the self-publish route and length was one of them. I had read too mant articles that expressed the same sentiments as this one. None of my beta readers complained about the length. In fact, most commented that they weren't ready to say goodbye to the characters and they want a second book. One drawback of self-publishing a hefty book, though, is that it costs more for the physical copy.

My first novel (thriller) came in at 129,000 words after the first edit. I worked hard and cut it down to 105,000. I hesitate to cut it more but I'm sitting it sit while I write the sequel before I take another look. I read a lot of books every year, and I read fast. Checking my Kendal library, I've read 423 books over the last two years. Choosing between books, if several pass the blurb and 'look inside' tests, I almost always buy the longer one. I love finding a good story that lasts 450 pages, or longer. I feel cheated if a book is only 250 pages.

Does anyone have any idea about word count for the Mind, Body and Spirit genre. I have just finished a book (in collaboration) and have received some feedback that it's too short. The book is 28,000 words.

Panama is an excellent spot for expats, retirees, and even an increasing number of digital nomads are calling Panama home for part of the year. The currency is pegged to the USD and a good deal of English is spoken in the popular cities, yet the food and culture remain solidly Panamanian.

El Valle de Antón is perched on the floor of a volcano crater in the central highlands about 120 kms from Panama City. El Valle de Antón has a large indigenous community, and a weekend arts and crafts market that attracts tourists, expats, and locals. Setting up life as an expat is easy, and the community is active and helpful. This is a good spot for a mix of culture with the expat amenities.

The average nonfiction book is about 50,000 to 75,000 words, which is about 153 to 230 ebook pages. A minimum count for a nonfiction ebook is about 10,000 words, as long as the content is solid. (Better to have solid, clear information than rambling to make a page count.)

The average fiction book is about 80,000 to 100,000 words, which is about 246 to 307 ebook pages. The length can vary greatly between genres, though. This is for full-length novels. However, many authors, frustrated with the low price of ebooks, have taken to writing ebooks that are between 40,000 and 50,000. Unfortunately for readers, the lower page count generally gives readers books without a lot of depth, side plots, or multi-faceted characterization.

Several factors go into the price of an ebook, such as author popularity, series number, and demand for the information (for nonfiction). Ebook word count should also be accounted for when setting the price of an ebook.

A novella will often receive negative reviews if the price is higher than $2.99. Keep in mind that readers often forget to check the length of an ebook before buying it and feel cheated when the book is shorter than they expected.

Nonfiction ebooks are often shorter than fiction, and yet are generally more expensive. This is because they require more research and fact-checking and can become valuable resources to readers. Check out books of similar genres before you price your book, but keep in mind that many top sellers have big publishing houses behind them, and if you are with a smaller publisher or are an indie author, you may need to use price as an incentive to sell your book, especially in the beginning.

If your book has a print version, Amazon will use that page count for your ebook. So back matter and sample chapters will not be considered in your count (which is a good thing for readers). If you revise and extend your ebook and not the print version, you may need to email Amazon to fix your page count.

From this chart, we can see that the romance genre is around 320 pages, the YA genre can vary greatly, science fiction and fantasy are generally on the longer side, and mysteries and thrillers are in about the same spot as romances. Self-help books, which are nonfiction, are shorter, as expected, and more expensive.

Very helpful. Thank you. After I finish my blog series on coping for depression I want to write my first ebook on the principles, and a workbook to complement and it. How many words do you think would be appropriate if core content is about 20,000 words?

"For example, a tweet or Facebook ad promoting a lead generation offer that leans more top of the funnel will likely receive more clicks than something that falls more toward the middle or bottom of the funnel," she explains.

When planning an event, the associated costs can seem obvious at first. There's the venue to consider, of course. And the P.A. system and microphones. And then the costs associated with booking and bringing in presenters/performers. That's pretty much it, right?

We have updated this sweet spot guide due to the 2022 award chart changes for awards to Asia both to reflect the new award pricing and to provide an updated example of mixed-cabin pricing. As a reminder, you can find more resources like this one on our Resources page, linked at the top of any page on Frequent Miler.

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