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exact release details for the god of war series will be announced later in 2020, so fans shouldn't expect anything official to come out of barlog's tweets anytime soon. but if you are curious as to what games god of war will be exploring next, barlog has made the following statement:

CRACK Registry.Clean.Expert.v4.76.WinALL.Cracked-BRD

most fans assumed that barlog meant that there would be a movie after god of war: ascension, so they could be forgiven for being disappointed when the next game in the god of war series wasn't announced at e3 2019. however, this tweet seems to rule out god of war: gow ragnarok. barlog has said nothing about gow ragnarok in over a year, so even if the game is in development, there's not much reason to believe he would be talking about it in a tweet.

it is rare that co-directors like to play opposite one another in their own games. while uncharted creator nathan drake only spoke about drake's survival and gameplay mechanics in nathan drake: find the grail, barlog felt the need to comment on those mechanics in god of war: the ascension.

"we don't have to think the same way to make a game, but i still bounce all over his world to talk about his life story. it's been great, it's been a blast. he's been the perfect guide, the perfect mentor for kratos."

if you are logged as the default user on a windows pc, an attacker can use dde messages to download and run.exe files..exe files that are downloaded this way can perform actions on the local system including stealing sensitive information and changing the desktop wallpaper.


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