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Oh Shit Not Again PDF Download Full Version by Mandar Kokate - Ebooks Library

Oh Shit Not Again: A Hilarious and Entertaining Novel by Mandar Kokate

If you are looking for a fun and light-hearted read that will make you laugh out loud, then you should check out Oh Shit Not Again, a novel by Mandar Kokate. This book is a comedy of errors that follows the lives of five friends who get into all kinds of crazy situations during the ten days of Ganesh Chaturthi festival in India. From love triangles to drug deals, from pranks to accidents, from secrets to scandals, this book has it all.

oh shit not again ebook by mandar kokate pdf download Full

Introduction: What is the book about and why should you read it?

Oh Shit Not Again is a novel that was published in 2009 by Expression Publications. It is written by Mandar Kokate, a software engineer who turned into a writer. The book is his debut work and it became a national bestseller in India. The book is categorized as humor fiction and it targets young adult readers who enjoy comedy and romance.

The book is about five friends who live in Pune, Maharashtra. They are Raj, Arti, Sid, Sam, and Mona. Raj is a college student who falls in love with Arti, his neighbor. Arti is a beautiful girl who has a secret crush on Sid, Raj's best friend. Sid is a smart and handsome guy who works as a software engineer. He is unaware of Arti's feelings and he likes Mona, his colleague. Mona is a sexy and bold girl who has a boyfriend named Sam. Sam is a rich and spoiled guy who loves partying and drugs. He is also involved in some illegal activities that put him and his friends in danger.

The book narrates the hilarious and adventurous events that happen to these five friends during the ten days of Ganesh Chaturthi festival. They face many challenges and dilemmas that test their friendship, loyalty, love, and morality. They also encounter many funny and embarrassing situations that make them say "oh shit not again". The book is full of humor, drama, suspense, romance, and twists that will keep you hooked till the end.

Summary: A brief overview of the plot and the main characters

The book starts with Raj meeting Arti for the first time when he goes to her house to borrow some sugar. He is instantly smitten by her beauty and charm and he decides to woo her. He asks Sid for his help and advice, but Sid is busy with his own problems. He has to deal with his boss who is harassing him for a project deadline, his colleague Mona who is flirting with him, and his parents who are pressuring him to get married.

Meanwhile, Sam is planning a big party for his friends at his farmhouse. He invites Raj, Arti, Sid, Mona, and some other guests. He also arranges for some drugs and alcohol to spice up the party. However, things go wrong when he gets a call from his drug dealer who tells him that he has been caught by the police and that he has given Sam's name as his accomplice. Sam panics and tries to escape from the farmhouse, but he is chased by the cops. He manages to hide in a nearby temple where he meets a priest who gives him a Ganesh idol as a blessing.

The next day, Raj goes to Arti's house to confess his love for her. He brings a bouquet of flowers and a box of chocolates for her. However, he is shocked to see that Arti has a boyfriend named Ravi who is also there. Raj feels heartbroken and humiliated and he runs away from there. He bumps into Sid who is on his way to Mona's house. Sid tells Raj that he has fallen in love with Mona and that he is going to propose to her. Raj feels happy for his friend and wishes him luck.

However, Sid's plan also backfires when he reaches Mona's house and finds out that she already has a boyfriend named Sam. Sid is stunned and angry and he confronts Mona about her lies. Mona admits that she was using Sid to make Sam jealous and that she never loved him. She also reveals that Sam is her boyfriend and that they are going to get married soon. Sid feels betrayed and hurt and he leaves Mona's house in a rage.

He meets Raj on the way and they decide to go to Sam's farmhouse to confront him. They reach there and find out that Sam is not there. They also see that the farmhouse is surrounded by the police who are looking for Sam. They realize that Sam is in some serious trouble and that they have to help him somehow. They call Arti and ask her to join them at the farmhouse.

Arti agrees and she comes there with Ravi. She tells Raj that Ravi is not her boyfriend but her cousin who came to visit her from Mumbai. She also tells him that she loves him and that she was waiting for him to propose to her. Raj feels overjoyed and relieved and he hugs Arti. He apologizes for misunderstanding her and he proposes to her. Arti accepts his proposal and they kiss.

They then join Sid and try to figure out a way to save Sam from the police. They call Sam's phone and find out that he is hiding in a temple with a Ganesh idol. They rush to the temple and meet Sam there. They tell him that they are his friends and that they will help him escape from the police. They also tell him that they know about his involvement in the drug deal and that they are disappointed in him.

Sam feels guilty and ashamed and he apologizes for his mistakes. He tells them that he was bored with his life and that he wanted some excitement and thrill. He says that he got addicted to drugs and money and that he lost his sense of right and wrong. He also says that he loves Mona but he cheated on her with other girls because he was insecure about their relationship.

He then shows them the Ganesh idol that the priest gave him. He says that it is a miracle idol that can grant any wish if you pray sincerely. He says that he prayed for forgiveness and redemption from the idol and that it worked. He says that the idol helped him escape from the police, find his true friends, realize his true love, and change his life for the better.

He then gives the idol to Raj and tells him to make a wish. Raj takes the idol and wishes for happiness and peace for himself, Arti, Sid, Mona, Sam, and everyone else. He then gives the idol to Sid who wishes for success and satisfaction in his career and personal life. He then gives the idol to Arti who wishes for love and harmony in her family and society.

They then decide to give the idol back to the priest who gave it to Sam. They go back to the temple and find the priest there. They thank him for giving them the idol and tell him about their wishes. The priest smiles and tells them that the idol is not a miracle idol but a normal one. He says that the power of the ebook. The resolution is the number of pixels or dots per inch that determine the sharpness of the text and images. The compression is the process of reducing the size of the file by removing some data or quality. The encryption is the process of protecting the file from unauthorized access or modification by using a password or a key.

You need to check these factors before downloading Oh Shit Not Again ebook by Mandar Kokate PDF full version to make sure that the ebook has a good format, size, and quality that suits your needs and preferences. You can use various tools and apps to check and modify these factors if needed.

Step 3: Download the ebook to your device or cloud storage

After you have found a reliable online source and checked the format, size, and quality of Oh Shit Not Again ebook by Mandar Kokate PDF full version, you can download it to your device or cloud storage. You need to follow these steps:

  • Click on the download link or button provided by the online source.

  • Select the destination folder or location where you want to save the ebook file on your device or cloud storage.

  • Wait for the download process to complete. You can check the progress and speed of the download on your device or app.

  • Open the ebook file on your device or app and check if it works properly and has no errors or issues.

Step 4: Enjoy reading the ebook on your preferred app or device

After you have downloaded Oh Shit Not Again ebook by Mandar Kokate PDF full version to your device or cloud storage, you can enjoy reading it on your preferred app or device. You need to follow these steps:

  • Select the app or device that you want to use for reading the ebook. You can use various apps or devices that support PDF format, such as Adobe Reader, Google Play Books, Kindle, Nook, Kobo, etc.

  • Open the app or device and locate the ebook file that you have downloaded. You can use the search function or browse through the folders or libraries to find it.

  • Open the ebook file and start reading it. You can adjust the settings and features of the app or device to enhance your reading experience. You can change the font size, brightness, orientation, page layout, bookmarks, annotations, etc.

  • Enjoy reading Oh Shit Not Again ebook by Mandar Kokate PDF full version and have fun!

Frequently Asked Questions About Oh Shit Not Again Ebook by Mandar Kokate PDF Download Full Version

If you have any questions about Oh Shit Not Again ebook by Mandar Kokate PDF download full version, you may find some answers here:

Q1: Is Oh Shit Not Again available as an audiobook?

A1: No, Oh Shit Not Again is not available as an audiobook as of now. However, you can use various text-to-speech apps or software to convert the ebook into an audio format and listen to it.

Q2: Is Oh Shit Not Again a series or a standalone novel?

A2: Oh Shit Not Again is a standalone novel that has no sequels or prequels. However, Mandar Kokate has written another novel called Crazy Little Thing Called Love, which is also a humor fiction book.

Q3: Is Oh Shit Not Again based on a true story?

A3: No, Oh Shit Not Again is not based on a true story. It is a fictional work that is inspired by Mandar Kokate's own experiences and observations as a software engineer and a writer.

Q4: Who is Mandar Kokate and what are his other works?

A4: Mandar Kokate is an Indian author who was born in Pune, Maharashtra. He has a degree in computer engineering and he worked as a software engineer for several years before becoming a writer. He is also a blogger, a poet, a painter, and a musician. His other works include Crazy Little Thing Called Love, Love Happens Only Once, and Rest Is Just Madness.

Q5: Where can I find more reviews and ratings for Oh Shit Not Again?

A5: You can find more reviews and ratings for Oh Shit Not Again on various websites and platforms, such as Goodreads, Amazon, Google Books, etc. You can also share your own reviews and ratings for the book on these websites and platforms. 71b2f0854b


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