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Krystal Star

In the game Star Fox Command, it is revealed that Fox and Krystal's relationship blossomed, but Fox was concerned over Krystal's safety and asked her to leave the Star Fox team. Upset over his decision, Krystal left Fox, which kills their relationship, and hasn't been seen since. During the course of the game, it was discovered that Krystal joined the Cornerian Army as a pilot, and during the Anglar invasion, joined Star Wolf. She was once again a short-lived playable character. The game features multiple, conflicting endings, some of which show Krystal staying with Star Wolf and starting a relationship with Panther, another has her renaming herself Kursed and becoming a bounty hunter after being driven out of the Lylat System under accusations of betraying Fox. Even more endings have her rejoining Star Fox; one of the endings shows her and Fox settling down to start a family, having a son named Marcus. An interview with two of the game's producers, Q Games' Dylan Cuthbert and Nintendo's Takaya Imamura, suggest that none of the endings (perhaps not even the game itself) are considered canon, and that any sequel will ignore them.[1] Thus, the entire series became unfinished.

krystal star

Krystal appeared in a suit similar to her Assault suit, but the suit is pink and purple, and her tail bands are gone. The game takes place three years after Assault, where Fox, Falco, Slippy, and Krystal have saved Corneria from destruction. One day, Fox fired Krystal from his team, due to her safety issues. Broken-hearted, Krystal broke up with him by leaving Star Fox, and went far away. Little did Fox know that she joined the Cornerian Air Force for a while before she started her relationship with Panther Caroso. Then, she became a member of Star Wolf.

Fox McCloud[d] is a red fox, the main character of the series, the leader of the team and James McCloud's son. Fox wears a green suit. When he hears about his father's disappearance, he drops out of the Corneria Defense Force. At the start of the series, Fox is young and still training under Peppy Hare, his father's friend and wingmate. He becomes an expert pilot, skilled in both air and ground-based attacking, as seen in Star Fox: Assault. Fox begins a relationship with Krystal in Star Fox Adventures which continues through Star Fox: Assault and possibly ends in Star Fox: Command when Fox forces her off the team for fear of her safety, though the outcome can change depending on the route and ending.

Krystal[h] is a blue fox who is the sole survivor of her doomed home planet, Cerinia. Krystal is calm and kind hearted. She first appears in the series in the early concept Dinosaur Planet and then Star Fox Adventures, where she searches for answers on her planet's destruction and the death of her parents. She comes across a distress signal from Sauria. She joins Star Fox as the team's telepath after the adventure. She fights in multiple battles in Star Fox: Assault. Before the start of Star Fox Command, Krystal leaves the Star Fox team after a strained relationship with Fox. Several possible endings show her returning to both, including one where she marries Fox and their son Marcus leads a new Star Fox team decades in the future. In Star Fox: Assault, Krystal wears a blue catsuit, blue knee-high boots, a silver chain belt, two silver rings on her tail, white beads in her hair, and a silver diadem which has a turquoise jewel.

She makes a cameo appearance starting in Super Smash Bros. Brawl as one of the contacts for Fox, Falco, or Wolf with a taunt on the Lylat Cruise stage. She appears as an Assist Trophy in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

The Nintendo Power's Star Fox comic by Benimaru Itoh exclusively introduced the character Fara Phoenix, a Fennec fox, as a love interest for Fox, starting off as a Cornerian test pilot and later becoming an unofficial member.

Originally, Krystal was to star in her own title Dinosaur Planet, an unreleased N64 game made by Rare. Her appearance was that as an innocent, young, 16-year-old feline dressed in a yellow gown and carrying a staff with her. When the game later changed into a Star Fox project, it was remodeled greatly. Fox was the star character rather than Krystal, and Fox was the one who used the staff. The design appeared to be more realistic, and as a result, Krystal's character went through a development. She had a much more appealing and mature appearance than before, sporting braces on her shoulders, arms, and legs, and wears a loincloth and has tribal tattoos. Likewise, her background was also changed. The game was now going to be Star Fox Adventures with the debut of Krystal. Ever since her debut, Krystal has become a very important asset to the series. Rumors also say Krystal carries an electric staff.

There's a rumor going around related to talk of Nintendo skipping E3 this year. They say Nintendo doesn't have many games to announce in the latter half of 2023. Even if this is true, I don't personally think it's because they lack games to release, but rather that they may be holding back releases to polish them up and have them available for whatever the successor of the Nintendo Switch will be. The Switch has been a phenomenal success, but as sales start to slow down after 6 years of winning, I expect they'll have a new console ready for release within a year or so. If they keep the same pace of game releases as they did on the Nintendo Switch, they'll have another hit on their hands no problem! All that said, I doubt they'll talk about a Switch successor until at least after Tears of the Kingdom has been out for a few months. 041b061a72


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