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[S3E2] Top Cops [TOP]

If the promo for next week is any indication, then I'm thrilled that Jackson appears to be in the middle of a weighty plot concerning how the department either accepts racist cops or makes it clear the belief and behavior is unacceptable.

[S3E2] Top Cops


Take a look at our articles on how critical incident stress debriefing teams help cops in crisis, 6 proactive steps to maintaining officers' mental health and coping with line-of-duty death in law enforcement.

When they ask for identification, Andre lets them know he has it in his car. They try to say that Andre has an attitude when they were the guilty ones. Andre proceeds to put the box in his trunk so he can go about his day. The cops immediately tell him to put his hands on the vehicle and tackle him to the ground, telling him to stop resisting as they handcuff him. One police officer pulls out a gun and points it at his head, threatening him. 041b061a72


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