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Amibroker V6 [CRACKED]

The Norgate Data Plugin is NOT compatible with AmiBroker v6.20.0. There was a bug in the initial release of AmiBroker v6.20.0 which was promptly fixed by the AmiBroker developers. The Plugin does work with v6.20.1 (the current Official Release) which was made available on February 17, 2017 and can be downloaded from Plugin goes missing and data disappears Some users have reported that the NDU AmiBroker Plugin stops working and they can't see any data in AmiBroker. This is because some of the Microsoft runtime libraries that are now required for the NDU AmiBroker plugin are missing from your PC. To fix the problem shut down AmiBroker, then download and run this file: NDUVCLibraryInstaller.exe When finished restart AmiBroker. If the problem has not been resolved, reboot your PC and then check again. If after that it is still not working, in AmiBroker click File > Database Settings and ensure that the data source is set to "Norgate Data Plug-in".

Amibroker v6

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