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The Ultimate Guide to Fundamentals of Graphics Communication 6th Edition Ebook: Everything You Need to Know about Engineering Graphics

Overall the textbook covers a variety of important topics related to graphic design including history, process, and basic principles. This is followed by a few chapters on print specifically that focus on technologies, software, and the printing process itself. The initial sections on graphic design cover details like history and basic principles quickly, but I could see using this textbook as a great blueprint for introducing those concepts to students and inviting them to investigate further. Sub-sections like typography and color get further details, although are again fairly brief introductions to the concepts. The print fundamentals sections are very technical and walk readers through the steps more substantially, although their relevance to a particular course is more narrow. Overall I felt the textbook was comprehensive in the topics mentioned regarding graphic design fundamentals, but topics were mostly covered in brief.

Fundamentals Of Graphics Communication 6th Edition Ebook

Graphics is a fundamental part of visual communication, and graphic designers have evolved into more of a multi-dimensional role. The cost of this evolution of the art form is the distance graphics students now must travel to reach the materials and information they need to do their work. The difference between the still graphics that appears on the front end of an advertisement and the animation that appeals to a consumer are several generations of methodology and learning. The need for more comprehensive education in computer graphics, including the production of graphics, has become more important because computer graphics programs seem to be more complex than traditional ones, but the cost of doing basic design is often prohibitive.

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