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13 : Masked Warrior

Zhao is promoted to admiral and enlists the help of a group of professional archers called the Yuyan Archers. Meanwhile, Sokka and Katara become sick due to being exposed to a storm previously, so Aang goes to an herbalist to find a cure. After finding it, Aang is caught by the Yuyan Archers and imprisoned by Zhao. A warrior with a blue mask rescues him, and they escape together. Aang discovers the warrior is none other than Zuko and wonders if the two of them could be friends. Zuko attacks, but Aang escapes and cures his friends.

13 : Masked Warrior

Outside the Fire Nation fortress, the figure with the blue mask waits patiently, hidden in the shrubbery. When a supply cart passes him by, he nimbly rolls underneath the cart and grabs hold, letting himself be transported to the stronghold. As the cart is halted at a checkpoint, a Fire Nation guard inspects the interior of the vehicle. When he moves to look underneath the cart, the masked figure moves to the other side of the wagon and hides inside, thus gaining access to the heavily guarded fortress. After the cart stops to unload, the figure stealthily sneaks out and makes his way up a nearby staircase.

Meanwhile, Zhao addresses his troops, informing them he has captured the Avatar, whom he describes as the Fire Nation's final hurdle in their quest for victory in the war. He predicts the Fire Nation will take the Earth Kingdom city of Ba Sing Se that year, burning it to the ground with the strength of Sozin's Comet. While the majority of the troops are gathered in the courtyard to listen to the speech, the masked figure sneaks past them. Scaling a wall, he manages to reach the inner ring of the fortress and continues his way to the main tower via an underground sewer.

Back in his cell, Aang struggles to free himself, to no avail, and the frozen frogs he collected start to thaw out, wiggle out of his clothes and leave the room, much to his dismay. The guards outside notice the frogs coming out under the door, but their attention is turned back to the hall, where the helmet of a Fire Nation soldier rolls down the hallway toward them. When one guard investigates alone, the other three suddenly see a flame erupt from the hallway and hear the muffled sounds of combat and of chains being strung up. When two more guards follow after him, they find their companion strung up with his hands to the ceiling. The masked figure, clinging to the ceiling, wraps a chain around a hand of each guard and drops down, simultaneously pulling the guards up. The last guard standing in front of Aang's cell, having heard the scuffle, takes his horn to sound the alarm, though before he could blow the instrument, it is knocked out of his hands by a well-aimed knife. Noticing a figure running toward him, he firebends, though the masked man extinguishes the fire by throwing water and proceeds to sweep the legs from underneath the guard with the bucket.

Inside his cell, Aang hears the scuffle and eyes the door with apprehension as the lock is being turned. He gasps as a masked figure enters and unsheathes his dual broadswords. Swinging the weapons, the man advances on Aang, who screams. To Aang's surprise, however, the figure slices through his bonds, freeing him. As the figure retreats without saying a word, Aang asks him who he is, what is going on, and wonders if the man is there to rescue him. The figure does not respond, though opens the door and signals for the Avatar to follow him. Believing he means him no harm, Aang follows him. He passes by the tied up guard and notices his partially frozen frogs are making their escape through another hallway. Trying to gather them, Aang is pulled away by the masked stranger, though protests loudly that his friends needs to suck on the animals.

The masked stranger and Aang sneak out of the tower via the sewer system of the fortress. Surveying the courtyard, the man gestures for Aang to follow him out while the guards have their backs turned.

While Aang and the masked figure are scaling the wall via a rope that the stranger left there earlier, an alarm is set off, which draws attention to their attempt to climb the wall. A guard atop the wall promptly cuts the rope, sending them tumbling down. At the last second, Aang breaks their fall with airbending, securing a safe landing. The masked figure, unsheathing his swords, points to the open gates and they make a run for them, but Zhao appears on the balcony, bellowing that the Avatar has escaped and orders all the gates to be closed immediately. Aang, running past the stranger and telling him to remain close to him, uses his airbending to clear away several guards blocking their path. Aang smoothly runs through the closing doors, though the masked figure is forced to stop and defend himself as several guards surround and assault him. Aang realizes that the stranger is no longer following him and takes the spear from a guard attacking him, breaks off the sharp spearhead, and utilizes the stick as a staff. He promptly charges the soldiers attacking the masked figure and uses his airbending to incapacitate them. Wasting no time, he hurls the stranger atop the first of the fortress walls, where more soldiers immediately swarm him.

Before a new battle can ensue, Aang propels himself in the air by twirling the stick in a helicopter fashion and grabs hold of the masked figure with his legs. The figure defends them against all the spears thrown at them, but Aang is unable to sustain the twirling motion and they crash atop the next fortress wall, Aang losing his staff in the process. More guards come up to attack the duo, though they manage to dispose of them; the masked figure throws one of the soldiers over the wall, while Aang blows the others away with airbending. More troops use bamboo ladders to scale the wall, but again Aang blows them off. He takes the ladders and calls to the masked figure to get on his back. They use the three ladders like stilts to go from the second wall to the third and final wall. However, a soldier manages to light the last ladder on fire, forcing Aang and the masked figure to jump off in hopes that they will make it over the wall. However, their grip does not hold and they both fall to the ground just in front of the main gate.

The duo is confronted by firebenders, but Zhao halts their attack, saying the Avatar must be captured alive. The masked figure suddenly holds Aang hostage, with his broad swords against the airbender's neck. Zhao orders the gate to be opened and they let the pair out; the masked figure takes Aang with him, his swords still around his neck and facing toward the compound. With the two slowly edging out, Zhao goes onto higher ground and has an archer knock out the masked figure with a single shot, planning to deliver both him and Aang to the Fire Lord.

After the masked figure falls to the ground, Aang sees a small part of the face below and creates a dust cloud as cover while Zhao sends guards out to capture them. Inside the cloud, Aang removes the mask to reveal Zuko. At first, Aang is shocked and afraid, beginning to run, but stops to look back at Zuko. As the dust clears and the guards approach the area, both Aang and Zuko have escaped, which frustrates and infuriates Zhao.

Activated purely by proximity, theses fierce masks depicting warrior men cause spikes of testosterone in anyone nearby. This promotes aggression, strength and heightened energy levels, but may also cause heart defects, infertility and insomnia consistent with increased levels.

Friday the 13th may be the film series that springs to mind when you think hockey mask, but there are actually a few films out there that had a killer or menacing bad guy wearing a hockey mask before Jason Voorhees donned it in the 1983 film Friday the 13th Part III. However, it seems Jason made the mask popular, as there are way more films that came out after that gave a little nod (or directly ripped off in some cases) to the masked Crystal Lake killer. Below is a list of films in the order they released. See if you can figure out which ones are trying to bank on the popularity of the Friday the 13th series.

Seeing the endless stalemate between him and Unicron, Primus created the Thirteen, warriors in the mould of himself and Unicron, to fight in his stead and introduce random variables. The Thirteen did indeed succeed in defeating Unicron but were infected with a touch of the Chaos-Bringer's darkness as a result of direct proximity to the Dark God.

The defenders of the Imperium stand firm against these nightmarish threats. The teeming ranks of the Astra Militarum and Adeptus Mechanicus fight alongside the elite warriors of the Space Marines, the Adepta Sororitas and Grey Knights.

Several systems in the Scarus Sector soon reported enemy activity as did three sub-sectors located along the Cassandra Spar. Reports also came from Phonosar Prime, indicating an attack by warriors thought to be of the Night Lords Traitor Legion. The raid was timed to coincide with the local annual Festival of the Three Maidens, a holy time for the population of Phonosar Prime and its three moons, during which the adherents fasted and meditated upon their own weaknesses, the better to serve their Lord the God-Emperor. Evidently, the attackers took advantage of the fact that most of the world's population were cloistered in prayer and descended upon the world's capital city of Medea like a pack of feral predators upon its prey. Survivors reported that the enemy made planetfall at Medea's primary generatorium, destroying it and plunging the city into darkness before crippling the metropolis' reserve power facilities. With the city's power grid out of action, the Traitors stalked the streets, killing wantonly as and when they saw fit. It was many solar hours before the Planetary Defence Forces could be mobilised to face the threat, although many militia units mounted heroic improvised counterattacks, all to no avail. By the time the native defence forces were able to muster, the raiders had vanished into the darkness, leaving a death toll of many thousands in their wake. 041b061a72


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