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Buy Escort Redline Xr

My redline is awesome!!!!! It works best on the highway but still works great around town... I live in salt Lake City utah where the cops are totally ridiculous !!! The cops here are tricky and scandalous, so when im in traffic and i get a laser or a Ka band alert i hit the brakes and ive gotten away 3 times sso far!!! Ive only had my redline for 1 month!!! GREAT PRODUCT!!!! COPS SUCK!!

buy escort redline xr

The Escort redline is a very good sensitive detector. I live in New Zealand, and have found it particularly good for marked / unmarked police car detection as well as finding unfamiliar fixed units. We do have a lot of mobile redflex vans here though, and they often hide behind trees and bushes! I've had the unit for just over six months now and it has probably almost paid for itself (so far no tickets). Detection of redflex vans can still be difficult, and more range would still be of great help. Although it gives some false alerts, they are not excessive, and it is very easy to mute if required anyway. I haven't used any other detectors, but I still figure this is one of the best out there. With even better redflex detection it would get 5 stars, but having said that, there probably isn't a detector on the marked that can better it yet.

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