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Holistic Health Coaching in Coeur d'Alene, ID

Transforming Lives Through Mindful Wellness

Why Health Coaches Are Amazing:

We are three holistic health coaches based out of the beautiful Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. The health industry is a trillion-dollar industry yet we have more sick and ill people than ever before. Our holistic viewpoint is designed to support you in balancing your mind, body, spirit, and soul. Our holistic method of wellness allows us to help you discover the root cause of what is holding you back from feeling your best.


Using 1:1 coaching sessions we will uncover what it is that makes you most happy, your optimal nutrition, fitness, weight loss, posture, and more. Throughout our time together, you will be given personalized recommendations that will empower you to restore balance, discover limiting beliefs, and modify lifestyle choices to benefit your future self.

Meet Our Certified Holistic Health Coaches

Take your health to the next level with our certified holistic health coaches!


Josh Blakley


Functional Health + 

Chek Practitioner Lvl 2

Work on breath, an injury, strength, or bring your posture back to balance!


Taylor Abrahamson


Integrative Nutrition + Women's Health Coach

Balance your hormones, menstrual cycle, and step into your sexual being!


Jake Casey


Fascial Stretch Therapy

Strength + Mindset

Learn how to talk to yourself and others, breath better, or get a stretch!

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nutrition guidance and weight management icon

Nutrition Guidance  + 
Weight Loss

Your DNA is unique and that is exactly why we give nutrition coaching made specifically for you. Weight management is often a bi-product of this service.

mindset and commitment icon

Mindset Coaching +
Wellness Coaching

Meditation and mindset training are of utmost importance. Your emotional health has the ability to override all your other systems within your life. We'll help you focus and find peace.

Breathwork Icon

Functional Health
+ Breathing

Your respiratory system is the mother of all systems. Harnessing its power can help bring you into balance. We'll guide you through conscious breathing methods.

yoga and movement training icon

Personal Training +
Physical Therapy

Being strong and capable means being able to do the activities you love without pain, with sport or activity-specific strength, mobility, flexibility, or anything else. Our plans are made specific to you after a series of assessments.

posture correction and strength training

Posture Correction
+ Strength Building

We assist with Sport-specific strength training for golf, basketball, tennis, skiing, and snowboarding. Correct your muscle imbalances, scoliosis, and posture, and get back to living a life full of happiness and optimal body alignment.

feng shui bagua map icon

Wellness Programs +
Stress Management

A cluttered home is a cluttered mind. It provokes positive or negative feelings depending on your home. Get your Feng Shui on to improve your home life so you can stress less and live more.


Samantha Robinson

Josh and Taylor are incredible coaches! Not only is my physical health greatly improved but my mental and emotional health is as well. They really helped me learn to be more open minded about how I approach things. Having their accountability and knowledge was really priceless for meeting some of my more specific goals.

Bethany Corn

I worked with Taylor from The Holistic Ape for a few months. She is incredible. She sent me and my goals into overdrive!! Do not hesitate to work with them. Just do it :) Your future self will thank you!

Shane Solorza

I spent a year working with Josh, and was able to learn a lot about myself in that time through the program Josh created for me. The first few months were trial and error for me before I landed on sustainable changes in my life that would ultimately lead to me accomplishing my goals- which I did! I'm growing every day and I'm grateful for the time spent with Josh.

Robert Christiansen

My experience in working with the holistic ape was a fun eye-opening experience. We went through nearly a full postural assessment in which bad habits with my posture started to emerge. Just being aware of these issues has allowed me to be more intentional and confident with how I carry myself. The holistic ape has a professional team and I would recommend them to anyone.

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